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This summer, a collective of event organisers come together with one of Staffordshire's most beautiful estates, Sandon Hall.  We have created a drive-in experience to entertain, educate and unite. We can accommodate 180 cars per screening.


With a 100m2 LED screen ensuring a world class experience, this is a fantastic opportunity to watch some of the finest cinematic stories told over the past 50 years, on the big screen. With Covid- 19 restrictions still in place there are drive-in cinema experiences launching all over the UK but most run for only a weekend. The Great British Drive In will run 7 days a week over the whole summer with a varied programme for all. Using the highest quality technology means that films will be as enjoyable to watch in daylight or at night.


We have a varied film programme from classic Hollywood titles such as Casablanca to family favourites like Paddington. We are screening international cinema including Bollywood to Polish films and have a variety of film festival winning titles to enjoy. Who wouldn't enjoy Downton Abbey on the big screen, viewed in the local, beautiful grounds of Sandon Hall?


There is also an educational side to the programme as we are showing documentaries, we believe the whole world should see.


Organiser Craig Wilkinson says:


" There is something for everyone in this programme of events and it really is a summer festival to be enjoyed in your car or if the weather is great, bring your deck chairs and enjoy the outdoors. If you want a laugh, we have comedy; if you want to entertain the kids, we have family friendly films; and we have Hollywood, Bollywood and some of the most important documentaries created to educate, enlighten and entertain. To be able to experience these films in the magnificent setting of Sandon Hall promises to be an experience to remember!"


The world class team of event organisers have previously worked on the Tutankhamen Exhibition in London to NFL. Sandon Hall has a reputation for hosting special events delivered with elegance and sophistication. With this wealth of experience and a passion for creating iconic events around the world, the organisers decided to combine their talent and skill to create a summer long programme of film, live entertainment and great food within this wonderful setting. 


During the last few months, we have seen great displays of strength, determination and bravery in response to a global pandemic. The Great British Drive In will celebrate the acts of kindness shown, the sense of community that has grown and provide an enjoyable experience for all. We wish to celebrate the rich diversity that being British means in 2020 and foster a sense of unity by showing a varied entertainment programme that positively recognises everyone in our society.


Social distancing measures have been carefully considered and implemented and we are here to ensure a safe experience for all. We provide food and beverages delivered to your car and you need only leave your vehicle to visit one of our distanced restrooms should the need arise. 

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