How many people are allowed in my car?

Everyone must have a seat (with a seat belt). Tickets are per car, so select the correct ticket and fill up your seats.

Can I sit outside my car?

Please adhere to government social distancing and safety guidelines.

How do I hear the performance?

Audio will be sent over an FM transmitter. All you need to do is tune your radio to a specific station.

Will I have a good view?

We have a 95sqm screen to ensure all cars have a good view. We reserve spaces for our Golden Circle ticket holders for the best views possible.

Can I open my car window during the performance?

Yes, because cars are positioned 2m away from each other, feel free to open a window.

Are there toilet facilities?

There will be toilets on site with minimum 2 metre spacing between each cubicle. These will be regularly cleaned throughout the event. Hand sanitising facilities will be available on site.

Can I have others in my car that aren't part of my household?

Please do not travel with people outside your support bubble. If you are meeting friends at the drive in, please make sure to keep 2m distance at all times. Due to the evolving nature of government guidance regarding Covid-19 please refer to ( for up to date information for your screening date and time.

Are there height restrictions on cars?

No. However, larger cars will be positioned towards the back of the site to ensure a good view for all.

How close will the next car be to me?

Cars will be spaced in accordance with social distancing guidelines. This will provide enough space between rows to walk between your vehicles and visit the toilet and refreshment areas. The cars will be parked next to each other like a car park. Please be respectful of the car next to you as you enter and exit your vehicle.

Will there be alcohol?

Yes. There will be a large selection of alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages. These are available to order. Please drink responsibly and ensure that you have a designated driver and that person does not consume alcohol.

How will I get my ticket?

Tickets will be emailed to you. Please ensure you bring your ticket with you (printed or digital) and we will scan it at the event.

Can I bring my child?

Children are allowed at our events but must meet the age certification of the performance.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on site unless they are registered assistance animals.

Staying safe - COVID 19

We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience at 'The Great British Drive In' and we have worked hard to design an event that follows government guidelines. Please help us by: - Always keep 2m distance from other guests. - Not coming to the event if you have Covid- 19 symptoms. Tickets can be amended for later dates. - Do not leave your designated area eand unless you're getting food and drinks and when you do please keep 2m distance at all times. - Respect social distancing guidelines and stick to designated pathways and markings. - Wash hands with hand sanitizer when using the facilities.

Age Certifications

On every movie ticket page we show the age restirictions of the movie. Please refer to BBFC for more information on content of a specific movie.

Staying safe - On site

You are allowed to sit outside of your vehicle. This must be out the front of your vehicle. You are also allowed to walk to order food and drink, please keep this to a minimum number of guests and ensure you social distance at all times. Parents please ensure your children are supervised at all times, we have moving traffic onsite and are in a pandemic so please be considerate for other people and your own families safety.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for any of our events. Once a ticket has been bought it has been removed from the public space and means we can't resell it. We can try and transfer you to another show if there is space availble so please get in contact. Worst comes to worst, you can transfer your ticket to a friend or sell it to a colleague :).

Ticket Winners

We give free tickets at the majority of our films, however with lockdown and changing ticket prices we can only offer certain film screenings for free. The screenings offered are at the discretion of management.




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