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Our standard conditions of ticket purchase are as follows, and the purchasing of a ticket is deemed to legally constitute acceptance of them. These Terms & Conditions include, but are not limited to:


1. Tickets are non refundable. However the management listens to requests and judges refunds on a case by case basis. Common practice is to transfer the users to a new event.


2. The management reserves the right to refuse admission and/or require a customer to leave the premises without a refund. We are under no legal obligation to admit a customer, nor give a reason for refusing to do so. We will not tolerate any abuse of our staff members, physical or verbal in any form.


3. The Great British Drive In require adults accompanying children to exercise reasonable levels of control over them to ensure their behaviour is deemed socially acceptable by other customers and staff, and appropriate to the situation/surroundings. Where this is not deemed to be the case, our staff reserve the right to intervene.


4. In extreme circumstances we reserve the right to cancel or change the date of the performance or vary the film and performance times. IN SUCH CASES OUR LIABILITY WILL BE LIMITED TO THE REFUND OF THE COST OF THE TICKET PURCHASE ONLY and is in all cases at our discretion. Any incidental costs are the customer’s sole responsibility. Where refunds are offered in the case of a rescheduled screening, a 14-day refund notification policy applies from the point of notification of the options relating to said screening. This means that after 14 days if we have not received notification of the request to obtain a refund then your ticket will automatically be transferred to the new date and a refund no longer will be possible.


5. Both the purchaser AND holder of tickets are required to observe the conditions laid down by The British Board of Film Classification certificate for the film being exhibited. Young people and/or any adult accompanying them may be required to provide proof of the young person's age and in all cases it is at the sole discretion of staff to judge the young person's age.


6. Anyone deemed by the management to be intoxicated WILL BE REFUSED ADMISSION.


7. Sound and Visual recording of films is ILLEGAL.


8. The above is a summary of our terms and conditions, further restrictions may apply without notice, at our discretion.


9. We would like to remind you that as a ticket holder you are consenting to photography and filming by The Great British Drive In that may be used for promotional purposes.


10. The event will go ahead in wet weather, if we are able to run the screening and there is no risk to the audience or our staff.

11. Discounts - we may offer discount codes to our partners including but not limited to Blue Light and Kids Pass. In each case the % discount is decided by The Great British Drive In LTD and its availability may be limited to certain events or time periods. In any case the discounted user will be able to purchase tickets at a discounted rate for their car and other passengers do not need to be members of the enlisted partner. 

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